Tolaga Bay locals seek solution over slash damage

More than 100 Tolaga Bay locals have turned out to a meeting to discuss recent flooding and the damage caused by the leftovers from forestry operations. Slash - or offcuts from forestry harvesting - washed down from forestry plots and blocked rivers...... Read More

Forestry companies to attend meeting on debris damage

Three forestry companies appear to have had a change of heart over their attendance at a community meeting in Gisborne. In a recent letter issued to landowners, Eastland Wood Council chief executive Kim Hollands said Ernslaw One, PF Olsen and Hikurangi...... Read More

Council report warned of damage from forest debris

Gisborne District Council was warned in a report more than seven months ago that forestry debris was likely to cause huge damage in another big storm. The council commissioned the report after Cyclone Cook last year swept logs and slash down rivers....... Read More

Civil defence on alert for flooded Gisborne

The bad weather in Gisborne is easing but the already sodden region is bracing for more rain, the mayor says. A severe heavy rain warning remains in place for the Gisborne area after heavy rains and wind, and mayor Meng Foon said Civil Defence was...... Read More

East Coast: Officials on high alert for rising river levels

Officials are closely watching river levels in the Gisborne region, with ground still saturated from last week's rain particularly in the Tolaga Bay area. Heavy rain is expected to last until Tuesday afternoon. Late last night, Tolaga Bay 29 properties...... Read More

Council to get to root of logging debris problem after floods

Logging companies operating in Tolaga Bay may be investigated after a deluge of logging debris left strewn over properties, roads and in rivers from flash flooding Monday morning. Local residents say they've been warning for years about the mismanagement...... Read More

Severe weather watch still in force

Periods of heavy rain are being forecast for Bay of Plenty and Gisborne, along with a significant snow dumping for the south of the South Island. A low pressure system over the North Island moves to the east of the country late this afternoon or evening,...... Read More

Man arrested for Hastings aggravated robbery

Police arrested a 32-year-old man following an aggravated robbery that put several Hastings schools into lockdown this afternoon. Officers, including the armed offenders squad, responded to reports of a robbery at a bar on King Street at about 12pm. They...... Read More

Tauranga man found guilty of historic rape

A Tauranga man has been found guilty of an historic rape. Damien John McFetridge has been convicted in the Gisborne District Court this week, after being charged with three counts of rape and one representative charge of indecent assault. All the...... Read More