Homage to the Ora King salmon

It is always a pleasure to catch up with Sam and Severine Goslin in Whitianga at their fine restaurant, Poivre & Sel, to try this year’s Ora King Awards entry dish, having really enjoyed their entries over the previous years.

This year’s dish pays homage to the Ora King salmon.

The dish description:

The Ora King salmon is cured in salt, lemon and nori reduced into a powder. The Shiitake sand is made out of maltodextrin powdered shiitake. The tulle is made from a combination of soy gel sesame and bonito.

Sam really let the Ora shine through in his dish, the salmon was exceptional, and the accompanying elements were very subtle. A winning combination, clever, simple, beautiful and sophisticated!

The wine match that Sam chose to accompany his dish was a stunning French Anne Laure Pinot Gris, perfect.

What makes Ora King different from other salmon?

New Zealand’s own Ora King salmon is revered around the world by discerning chefs. It’s not surprising the product has gained such wide acclaim, considering how carefully they are produced.

Ora King Salmon are grown sustainably in the deep, cool waters of the Marlborough Sounds. With worldwide demand for seafood increasing, aquaculture is a highly efficient use of the marine environment. It takes the pressure away from ocean fishing and is a means of providing the world with valuable and nutritious protein.

Ora King is to salmon as wagyu is to beef. The highly-prized Ora King salmon is itself a rare luxury, which makes up less than one per cent of the world's salmon species, giving it a luscious, elegant texture and rich taste – you can definitely tell the difference.

A natural approach to husbandry, and nearly two decades of classical breeding and world-leading intellectual property, ensures the selection of the finest stock in terms of size, colour and flesh quality.

Quality control
Each salmon is reviewed by master graders and if it doesn't meet the highest level then it doesn't go on to become Ora King salmon: truly the best of the best.

Ora King has the highest natural oil content of all salmon – a naturally rich source of omega 3s. A 150g portion of this fish provides the complete daily requirement of omega 3 (I cannot think of a nicer way to get your daily intake).

Added to the health benefits, Ora King salmon looks stunningly distinctive. Its fantastic texture is buttery and soft, without excessive fat. It cuts easily due to its unique muscular structure, is light in the mouth and coats the palate delicately, making it a real pleasure to eat. It is easy to pair with other ingredients, rendering it visually appealing, or as I say, perfection on your plate.

Our mains and dessert choices continued to impress us, the ‘Local (king) fish served bouillabaisse style’ with the wine match of French Rose was amazing, as was the ‘Duck confit served on a celeriac puree and porcini risotto cake’ with a stunning Syrah from the South West of France. To finish, well there was no question really it had to be the lemon profiteroles and an exceptionally good flat white!

Thanks Sam and Severine for a great night. Next time you're out for dinner, make sure you ask for Ora King salmon.

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